Who we are

Led by Sifu Emiko Hsuen, we are a global team of Springkicks™ professionals committed to preserving and spreading authentic Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan, a complete system of energy training for health, self-defence, peak performance and quality of life.

We have invested years, significant resources, and - most importantly - 'heart' to seek out and train comprehensively in the authentic, traditional and rare internal Energy Arts.

Many of us have travelled the world and studied intensively with some of the world's top masters, ranging from the famous to the reclusive.

All instructors, assistant instructors and active members of Springkicks™ agree to abide by and uphold the Springkicks™ Code of Conduct.

Today, we are pleased to offer the authentic internal energy arts of Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung to enable people in mainstream society to learn about how to better manage their own energy for:

  • good health
  • vitality
  • self-defence
  • peak performance
  • quality of life
 At Springkicks™, we take a customized and systematic approach for each practitioner. 
We stand by the three factors that comprise success:
  • Factor #1 - access to authentic arts
  • Factor #2 - learning from an authentic teacher
  • Factor #3 - having the 'heart' of an authentic student
We also attest to the perfect combination of:
  • systematic progress,
  • and consistent practice
which produces the desired benefits of good health, vitality, combat efficiency, peak performance and quality of life.
Training Springkicks™ leads to a life of confidence, clarity and compassion.