What is Springkicks™?

At Springkicks™, we teach Internal Energy Arts, which is founded on:

- chi kung (qigong)
- tai chi chuan (taijiquan)
- kung fu (gongfu)
- meditation


Etymology of the word 'Springkicks'

Tantui, or "Spring-kick Kungfu" is a signature style of Northern Shaolin. It was famous for kicks and was first developed at the Long Tan Temple in northern China. Hence, this kungfu style was called "Tantui". In Chinese, "Long Tan" means "Dragon's Pond" and "tui" actually means "kicks". Nevertheless, other sources mention that "tan" in "Tantui" comes from the Chinese word meaning "spring", because "spring-kick" is a signature kick in this style of kungfu. In Mandarin, which is popularly spoken in northern China, where this style of kungfu was widely practiced, both the words meaning "pond" and meaning "spring" are pronounced as "tan", though the written characters are different. However, in Cantonese, the word for "pond" is pronounced as "tam" but the word for "spring" is pronounced as "tan". So in Cantonese, this signature Northern Shaolin style can be pronounced as "Tamtui" or "Tantui".

At Springkicks™, we proudly offer Triple Cultivation:

  • Training the Physical Body
  • Training the Energy
  • Training the Spirit

Northern Shaolin Grandmaster Wang, Zi-Ping